2026 World Cup Host City Insights – Seattle

February 18, 2024

Mike Koeshartanto

Seattle Lumen Field
2026 FIFA Men’s World Cup Countdown

Market Overview

CategoryUnited StatesSeattleTacoma
Persons <18 years old21.7%14.0%19.7%
Persons 65+ years old17.3%12.8%14.2%
White, alone75.5%63.6%61.3%
Black, alone13.6%6.7%10.6%
Hispanic or Latino19.1%7.5%12.3%
Persons in HH2.572.052.38
Language other than English spoken by age 5+21.7%22.9%17.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher34.3%66.7%32.8%
Median HH income$75,149$116,068$79,085
  • 12. Phoenix (Prescott) – 1.89 million (1.65%)
  • 13. Detroit – 1.85 million (1.62%)
  • 14. Seattle-Tacoma – 1.81 million (1.58%)
  • 15. Minneapolis-St. Paul – 1.74 million (1.52%)
  • 16. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale – 1.70 (1.48%)


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Brief Seattle-Area Pro Soccer History

Seattle has a rich and passionate soccer history that gained significant momentum with the establishment of the Seattle Sounders in 1974. The team initially competed in the North American Soccer League (NASL) and quickly became a focal point for soccer enthusiasts in the region. Despite the NASL’s eventual demise, the soccer culture in Seattle endured, setting the stage for the city’s later successes.

The modern era of soccer in Seattle reached new heights with the awarding of an MLS expansion franchise in 2009 and the return of the Sounders to the top division of soccer in the U.S. The team created an immediate impact, drawing large crowds and consistently performing at a high level on the field. The team’s passionate fan base, the Emerald City Supporters, creates an electric atmosphere at games, helping establish Seattle as one of the most soccer-crazed cities in the United States.

Prior to rebranding as OL Reign and moving to Tacoma, Seattle Reign also played a crucial role in shaping Seattle’s soccer landscape. Founded in 2012, the Reign became a prominent force on and off the field in the National Women’s Soccer League. The team’s strong presence in the community and its dedicated fan base contributed to the overall growth and popularity of soccer in Seattle. Their impact in the region remains an integral part of the city’s soccer history, showcasing the thriving and inclusive nature of the sport in the Pacific Northwest.

A history of hosting events

Lumen Field, formerly known as CenturyLink Field, has a storied history of hosting notable soccer events, which makes it a great addition to the 2026 FIFA Men’s World Cup host cities. The stadium’s involvement in soccer dates back to its opening in 2002, but it’s mostly widely known as the home of the Seattle Sounders since their MLS debut in 2009. The Sounders consistently draw large crowds to Lumen Field, creating an electric atmosphere that has become synonymous with the team and the city’s soccer culture.

Lumen Field has also been selected as the host venue for various high-profile soccer events, showcasing its capacity to host major tournaments. The stadium has welcomed international matches, exhibition games featuring renowned clubs, and significant competitions like the Concacaf Gold Cup.

Soccer interest in Seattle-Tacoma

Category% of PopulationIndex
Participated in Soccer/12 Mo3.25%104
Watch World Cup Soccer5.64%105
Watch International Soccer6.06%105
Watch the U.S. Men's National Team3.75%105
Watch the U.S. Women's National Team3.63%107
Watch MLS5.17%106
Putting Seattle-Area Zip Codes under the soccer microscope

United States of Soccer

Soccer’s time has come. To grasp the impact the World Cup will have, you must first get to know the American fans and their passion for the sport. Soccer isn’t a trend — it’s here to stay and it’s growing fast. Our report goes deep into the American soccer audience, shedding light on its demographics, characteristics, and the factors that most shape fandom. 

  • Over-index in participating in soccer in the last 12 months
  • Over-index in likely demand for watching the World Cup on TV

Zip Code2023 Participated in Soccer/12 Mo (Index)
98439 (Lakewood)190
98315 (Silverdale)187
98433 (Tacoma)187
98278 (Oak Harbor)186
98438 (Mcchord Afb)185
98314 (Bremerton)180
98337 (Bremerton)153
98813 (Bridgeport)151
98118 (Seattle)148
98047 (Pacific)143
98108 (Seattle)143
98106 (Seattle)141
98204 (Everett)141
98148 (Seattle)140
98188 (Seattle)139
98030 (Kent)136
98168 (Seattle)135
98087 (Lynnwood)134
98424 (Fife)133
98032 (Kent)132

Zip Code2023 Watch World Cup Soccer (Index)
98813 (Bridgeport)237
98843 (Orondo)193
98812 (Brewster)178
98047 (Pacific)160
98148 (Seattle)157
98439 (Lakewood)153
98188 (Seattle)152
98118 (Seattle)151
98146 (Seattle)151
98168 (Seattle)149
98404 (Tacoma)148
98418 (Tacoma)144
98408 (Tacoma)143
98409 (Tacoma)141
98108 (Seattle)140
98444 (Tacoma)137
98002 (Auburn)137
98178 (Seattle)136
98204 (Everett)132
98106 (Seattle)131

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