Premier League and NBC Sports Score with the American Fan


The Premier League is the top level of English soccer and the most-watched sports league in the world. Its broadcasted in 200+ territories to 650+ million homes with one of the most important international locations being the United States. In order to support its U.S. broadcast partners, the Premier League sought a partner to enhance the value of sponsorship assets, drive online referrals, engage existing fans while cultivating new ones, and provide localized marketing in key markets.


We may speak the same language, but Stateside audiences have a very unique fan experience. We wake up early to watch time-shifted kickoffs, we pick our teams for different reasons, we’re fueled by different cultural trends / tastemakers, and the faces of match broadcasts are specific to the United States.


In order to speak to the U.S. audience, we needed to speak like the U.S. audience. Different from the main Premier League social channels, a uniquely American voice was vitally important in helping the Premier League continue to grow its stateside fanbase – both for the league overall, but also for individual clubs from Manchester United to Brentford.


We launched custom Twitter and Instagram channels while geotargeting content frequently into the worldwide Facebook and TikTok feeds.

Each effort was designed to compliment what exists globally while filling a void for the American audience. The rate of change on these platforms grows faster by the day and to us that’s part of the fun. We challenge ourselves to take advantage of what’s on-trend while never losing sight of established publishing tenants like being accessible, relatable, informative, supportive, fresh, entertaining, and community-building.

Most of our efforts are developed internally, while success also includes extending the tail of NBC Sports’ assets, working directly with partner Club staff, commissioning content from U.S.-based designers, collaborating with U.S.-based soccer influencers / creators, and partnering with hundreds of U.S.-based supporter groups.

What began as a challenge to build awareness and support of the Premier League in the United States has grown into an audience of 1M+ fans who cannot wait to wake up early each weekend to spend their own version of #MyPLMorning with PLinUSA and NBC.

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